Satellite imagery to inform Australia

Relief map of Australia shown on globe from space
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For decades satellites have been capturing imagery of Australian landscapes. Digital Earth Australia (DEA) corrects, curates, and makes this image data freely available on the interactive DEA Maps.

1. Go to DEA Maps 
2. Go to 'Explore map data'  
3. Select your data product 
4. Add to the map 


abstract satellite image of Australian landscape

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Digital Earth Australia’s analysis-ready imagery and datasets are made freely available to download and to access via web services.  

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helicopter releasing water over eucalypt forest bushfire

Finding water to fight fire

Satellite data maps of Australian waterbodies are fuelling a more confident flightpath for Victoria’s Country Fire Authority.

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It was at a remote sensing workshop that I heard a seminar by Dr Claire Krause from Geoscience Australia. She gave a presentation on the all the DEA data products, and I was just amazed.

Danielle Wright

Remote Sensing Analyst, Research and Development, Country Fire Authority