News New report: Extracting the benefits of Earth observation

Satellite data is an untapped resource in Australia’s mining and METS sector, finds this report from FrontierSI

Published:28 May 2021

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As Australia’s mining and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector accelerates towards its digital transformation, opportunities for satellite data to drive growth and improvement are expansive.  

In automation, efficiency, safety, environmental management, and ultimately profitability, the potential of Earth observation (EO) technology is significant — but so is the knowledge and familiarity gap between technology providers and potential mining users.  

Today Digital Earth Australia (DEA) begins to bridge this gap with an exploratory report: Digital Earth Australia and The Mining and METS Industries: Extracting the Benefits of Earth Observation. 

“We identify the mining and METS sector’s critical business problems, its operational lifecycle, and its diverse user groups — uncovering how EO can drive innovation in the sector,” say authors.  

Aerial view of two people with hardhats and a tablet computer in a mine site pointing to distance

Digital Earth Australia engaged  FrontierSI to conduct exploratory research into the potential application of satellite data across key sectors, including agriculture, mining, finance and insurance, and construction and infrastructure.  

The report reflects insights sourced from industry research, interviews, focus groups, conferences and workshops conducted over 2020. It was funded by DEA and published in 2021. 

Opportunities identified include: 

  • Expansion of adoption of existing EO technologies and services across the mining lifecycle; 
  • Increased use of EO in the sector’s move towards greater digitisation and automation; and 
  • The potential for EO to deliver mining process efficiencies and reduce risk. 

DEA encourages both mining and Earth observation professionals to ensure the benefits of satellite technologies are better realised within Australia’s mineral resource environments.  

Businesses, educators, innovators and individuals are encouraged to  take up this conversation with DEA

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