Land and vegetation

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DEA Land Cover. 

DEA Land Cover

Continent-scale annual maps of Australia’s land cover since 1988

DEA Land Cover View product
fluorescent pink, blue, purple, and yellow abstract image of complex landscape as captured by satellite

DEA Fractional Cover

Australian landscape mapped in three parts, showing changes to green, brown and bare ground since 1987

DEA Fractional Cover View product
satellite image of branching green landscape showing blue water

DEA Mangroves

Annual maps breaking canopy into three classes according to greenness of satellite image pixels at 25 m resolution

DEA Mangroves View product
blue, green and yellow graph showing spikes in green and legend of wet green dry vegetation

DEA Wetlands Insight Tool (Qld)

Tracking of changes in 270,000 lacustrine and palustrine (lake and swamp) wetlands in Queensland since 1987

DEA Wetlands Insight Tool (Qld) View product
Abstract image of water in landscape as captured by satellite

DEA Surface Reflectance

Baseline data from Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellites, validated, calibrated and adjusted for Australian conditions

DEA Surface Reflectance View product