Derived data product DEA Hotspots

  • See areas with high infrared radiation

  • Identify and track possible risk locations

  • Gain Australia-wide situational awareness

Screenshot of Australian map with red, orange and yellow dots of varying sizes

Spot areas of high temperature

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Hotspots is a national bushfire monitoring system that uses satellite sensors to detect areas producing high levels of infrared radiation — called Hotspots — to allow users to identify potential fire locations with a possible threat to communities and property

Screenshot of Australian coast with red, orange and yellow dots of varying sizes

Red means recent

Hotspot colour shows how recently it was last observed by a passing satellite (red being most recent). Hotspot size shows how confident the algorithm is in correctly identifying a hotspot (large meaning high confidence)

Fire danger rating sign in Australian landscape rating extreme

Use in your platform

Updated with new information every 10 minutes, DEA Hotspots can be viewed online, downloaded, or imported as a web service (WMS and WFS), allowing other platforms to draw on Hotspot information without having to store datasets locally

Learn about how hotspot data is produced, and what it is used for.

How can hotspot monitoring help?

  • Get a national view of hotspots so emergency managers can monitor high threat areas

  • Help target emergency management preparedness and response activities

  • Compare current and historic Hotspot data for any location Australia-wide

  • Download and integrate with other satellite data such as Landsat, Sentinel-2 Near Real-Time, or our Fractional Cover and Barest Earth products

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