Derived data product DEA Land Cover

  • See changes in land cover since 1988 

  • Get insights into land, vegetation, and waterbodies

  • Data for every 25-metre square of Australia 

DEA Land Cover. 

Learn about our ever-changing land

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Land Cover translates over 30 years of satellite imagery into evidence of how Australia's land, vegetation and waterbodies have changed over time 


Land cover data can support sustainable farming practices, water resource management, soil erosion prevention, forest management, and more


With over 80 descriptive classes available, see Australia's land cover from the past three decades in extraordinary detail

Why map land cover?

  • Provide insights into the relationships between land, vegetation and waterbodies  

  • Evaluate the impacts of natural phenomena and human development 

  • Enable resource managers, scientists and policymakers to make more informed decisions 

  • Assess changes in urban and farmland growth, or bushland regeneration 

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DEA Land Cover, DEA Fractional Cover, and DEA surface reflectance imagery provide new perspectives on critical Australian environments

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Journal Article

'Land Cover Mapping using Digital Earth Australia' 

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