Derived data product DEA Waterbodies

  • Find dams, lakes and large rivers

  • Watch waterbodies change over time

  • Inform decisions for drought, fire and farming

graphic blue hatched overlay showing waterbody shapes on brown satellite image

Find water across the country

Locate over 300,000 waterbodies across Australia and look back at their changes over three decades with Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Waterbodies. Monitor critical lakes and dams, including hard-to-reach waterbodies in remote areas and on large properties

Why detect waterbodies?

  • Gain insights into the severity and spatial distribution of drought

  • Identify potential water sources for aerial firefighting

  • Understand local through to national-scale surface water dynamics over time and geography

  • Get deeper insight into DEA Water Observations data

DEA Waterbodies interactive map

Visit DEA Maps to get the full interactive map with DEA Coastlines and other DEA products.

gathering of people wearing yellow CFA jackets face a landing helicopter

Imagery for impact Finding water to fight fire

Satellite data maps of Australian waterbodies are fuelling a more confident flightpath for Victoria’s Country Fire Authority

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leafless trees at muddy edge of a distant waterbody

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real-colour satellite image of lake system in brown landscape

DEA Waterbodies User Guide

Learn how to add Waterbodies layers to DEA Maps and get the details on how the product defines waterbodies and wetness

DEA Waterbodies User Guide Go to the guide
Smiling woman in red top standing in front of yellow satellite image with blue wiggling water

Seminar: Australian Water

Hear from Digital Earth Australia’s Dr Claire Krause about using satellite information in decision making

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