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Colourful lines with annual dates curve around a coastline image

DEA Coastlines

Satellite data combined with tidal modelling to map typical annual locations of mean sea level coastlines since 1988

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blue and purple coastal lines along satellite image of curving coast

DEA Intertidal Elevation

Australia's intertidal zone mapped in 3D, providing 25 m resolution elevation data of beaches, tidal flats and shores

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red, yellow and blue illustrated overlay along curved coastline image as captured by satellite

DEA Intertidal Extents

Lowest and highest observed tides for a chosen geographic cell, revealing the satellite-observed tidal range

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satellite image of coast and water showing protruding sandy island

DEA High and Low Tide Imagery

Cloud-free mosaics of the Australian coast, calculating geometric medians of highest and lowest 20% of tides

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satellite image of branching green landscape showing blue water

DEA Mangrove Canopy Cover

Annual maps that break canopy into three classes according to greenness of satellite image pixels at 25 m resolution

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